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  • Customized Label factory Pesticide product, Insecticide spinosad  (Spinosyn A+Spinosyn D)  92% TC, cas 131929-60-7;168316-95-8

    Customized Label factory Pesticide product, Insecticide spinosad (Spinosyn A+Spinosyn D) 92% TC, cas 131929-60-7;168316-95-8检测平台首页网址

        Common name  Spinosad   Chemical name  (5aR,5bS,14R,16bR)-13-{[5-(dimethylamino)-6-methyltetrahydro -2H-pyran-2-yl]oxy}-9-ethyl-14-methyl-7,15-dioxo-2,3,3a,5a,5b,6,7, 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16a,16b-hexadecahydro-1H-as-indaceno [3,2-d]oxacyclododecin-2-yl 6-deoxy-2,3,4-tri-O-methylhexopyranoside   Formulation  92% TC, 20% SC, 24% SC, 2.5% SC   CAS No   131929-60-7;168316-95-8   Molecular formula   C41H65NO10(Spinosyn A)+C42H67NO10(Spinosyn D)   Description   1.Density:1.167g/cm3   2.Molecular weight:731.9555   3.Boiling point : 1.167g/cm3   4.Flash point : 438.541°C   Function Spinosad has been used around the world for the control of a variety of insect pests, including Lepidoptera, Diptera, Thysanoptera, Coleoptera, Orthoptera and Hymenoptera, and many others. Two other uses for Spinosad are for pets and humans. Spinosad has recently be...

  • Agrochemical Herbicide Imazapyr 25% SL, Hot Pesticide CAS 81334-34-1

    Agrochemical Herbicide Imazapyr 25% SL, Hot Pesticide CAS 81334-34-1检测平台娱乐网站

      Common Name Imazapyr Chemical name 2-(4-Isopropyl-4-methyl-5-oxo-2-imidazolin-2-yl)nicotinc acid Molecular Formula C13H15N3O3 Molecular Weight 261.3 CAS Registry Number 81334-34-1 Properties: TECH is white solid   Melting point :170-173°C Vapor pressure 0.013mPa(60°C). Solubility(15°C): water 9.74g/L,(25°C)11.3g/L, acetone 6g/L, ethanol 72g/L,  Stability: stable in weak acid, decompound in strong alkali Uses: Imazapyr is used for pre- and post-emergence control of annual and perennial grasses, sedges and broad-leaved weeds, as well as many brush and deciduous tree species. Used in non-crop areas, such as industrial sites, railways, roads, drainage channels, etc.New broad-spectrum herbicide for killing and preventing annual & perennial broad-leaf weeds, sedge and woody plant Toxicity:  Oral Acute oral LD50 for male and female rats >5000, female mice >2000, male and female rabbits 4800 mg/kg.  Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for male and fem...

  • Herbicide Glyphosate  IPA /AM 41% 480 g/L SL in stock

    Herbicide Glyphosate IPA /AM 41% 480 g/L SL in stock检测平台娱乐官网

      Product Name    Glyphosate   Function    Herbicide   CAS No    1071-83-6   Purity     480g/L  41%   Type    Liquid     Non-selective systemic herbicide absorbed by the foliage with rapid translocation throughout the \plant and inactivated on contact with soil. Control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds pre-harvest in cereals peas beans oilseed rape flax mustard stubble and post-planting /pre-emergence of many crops; as a directed spray in vines olives orchards pasture forestry and industrial weed control.     Glyphosate IPA/AM  41% 480g/L SL packing:  200 L/Drum; 20 L/Drum; 5 L/Drum; 1 L/Drum   Port Shanghai   Lead Time 5~ 15 days after payment     1. Reply within 12 hours. 2. High-quality products and the most reasonable price 3. Data and chemical technology support. 4. Professional team service 5. Customiszed production for ...

  • DCPTA 98%TC  increase production/plant growth regulator

    DCPTA 98%TC increase production/plant growth regulator检测平台安卓版

  • Zeatin(E)-zeatin  PGR cas no  1637-39-4   90% TC

    Zeatin(E)-zeatin PGR cas no 1637-39-4 90% TC检测平台娱乐网站

    Ameliorative effects of zeatin, a development hormone in plants.  useful for protecting cognitive dysfunction, as well as for reducing the activation of AChE in dementia.

  • Herbicide

    Ametryn 95%TC检测平台登录二维码

    Pre- and post-emergence control of most annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds in pineapples, sugar cane, bananas, citrus fruit, maize, cassava, coffee, tea, sisal, cocoa, oil palms, and on non-crop land. Application rates are in the range 2-4 kg/ha, except when used as a directed spray on maize. Also used as a potato haulm desiccant.

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Glyphosate price flat this month

Glyphosate price flat this month检测平台网址官方

At the beginning of last month, CCTV exposed the pollution problem of phosphorus chemical industry, which led to a sharp rise in yellow phosphorus and led to a rise in organic phosphorus, becoming a r...

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